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AUS Toll Free +1300 852 968

What separates Cybalink from the rest?

For starters, our 20 years experience in the Engineering & Construction industry.

Here are eight things that set us apart and make us the right choice for your company.

1. We’re Specialists in Engineering and Construction

We know that it’s more important you get the right people instead of just any people. That’s why we are not everything to everybody.

We’re specialists in the engineering and construction spaces. Our team understands the specific challenges you face in these industries. And we’re dedicated to helping you to overcome those challenges.

2. Dedicated Team & Client Support

We do so much more than just build an offshore team.

We provide you with constant support to help you establish your culture and make your team an extension of your business. Our aim is to understand everything about you so we deliver a service that goes beyond your expectations.

Plus, your team works ONLY for you. You don't share resources with a pool of others. You get a dedicated team, with dedicated support.

3. Driving Efficiency

As a business grows, it’s possible for it to get bogged down. Processes don’t evolve and work starts to pile up.

Cybalink Solutions can help you to drive efficiency in your business. You can increase capacity, improve workflow and create more efficient processes with an offshore team.

4. We Help You Save Money

Most people think of lower labour costs when they think of using remote staff.

But that’s only one of the many ways that our solutions can help you to save money. We can also cut your recruiting overheads, which means you have more money to spend on growing your business.

Plus, our processes boost efficiency, which means you get more done for less money.

5. We Focus on Results not Recruitment

We have a stellar track record of clients that have benefitted from our services. Just take this example from one of our long-standing clients:

The client operates an ASX-listed company and has worked with Cybalink for many years. In fact, they’ve been with us since before we rebranded the company. That shows a huge level of confidence in our services.
But there’s more. The client operated a remote team of seven people for many years with us. However, they needed to grow. With Cybalink, they’ve now recruited over 40 remote staff members.
And remember that mention of lowering overheads earlier? Cybalink Solutions has helped this client to save $3 million in overheads every year.

Find out more about our satisfied clients here.

6. Systems and Solutions First

With Cybalink, you don’t have to worry about sourcing new staff. We immerse ourselves in your culture and learn about what you need.

Then we go out and find it for you. And once we have built your remote team, you can trust us to handle their payroll, operational, and HR management.

7. Flexible Operating Hours

Achieve true flexibility in your operational hours. You have the choice.

Your offshore team can work to your standard operating hours. Or, they can work when your onshore office closes, to give you true 24-hour coverage.

8. Cultural Alignment

Your offshore team is an extension of your business.

We don’t just hire for skill. We hire based on your Company’s culture so that you only work with people who align with your values.

It’s time to build the ideal offshore solution for your business.