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AUS Toll Free +1300 852 968

Helping engineering and construction companies

find the right offshoring solution

Engineering & Construction

We select from a pool of highly-qualified professionals to ensure you get the offshore solutions that you need.

We did just that for an ASX-Listed company:

This client had worked with the team behind Cybalink before it became Cybalink. Previously, they’d maintained a steady remit for several years. We worked with them to retain an offshore team of eight engineering professionals.

But more recently, they’ve enjoyed tremendous growth. With Cybalink’s help, they now have a remote team of 40 people.

And they’re saving over $3 million annually in overheads.

We can help you to hire remote employees to handle tasks across multiple disciplines. These include mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineering.

Your new engineering and construction remote staff can help with tasks such as:

  • Estimating
  • Engineering Design
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Workpack Compilation
  • Architecture
  • Structural Detailing / Drafting

Human Resources & Recruitment

You need a foundation of HR professionals to provide guidance to your team. They give your people the support you need and facilitate the growth you want.

We can provide the offshore HR professionals that provide the support your onshore team needs.

HR outsourcing to the Philippines allows you to make the following tasks more efficient:

  • Reference checking
  • Phone screening
  • Sourcing, verifying, and creating shortlists for new candidates
  • Create employment contracts
  • Entering employee information into your database
  • Tracking and entering performance management KPI’s
  • Electronic personnel filing

Finance & Accounting

We’ll help you to find fully-licensed professionals to handle back-office finance and accounting needs.

Cybalink only recruits the most precise and diligent people. We can provide you with a support team that saves money and drives efficiency.

Example tasks that your new team can complete include:

  • Processing your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Processing your company payroll
  • Handling timesheet entry
  • Reconciling information on your general ledger
  • Bookkeeping, compliance and monthly reporting

Data Management & Processing

The data behind your business plays a huge role in keeping it functional. We can provide remote staff that adapts to what you need and speeds up your processes.

That’s just what one of our clients discovered.

The client’s existing team of seven people found themselves struggling. As part of a large recruitment team, they had to input a lot of data about both current employees and job applicants.

This allowed them to mobilise their recruits so they could start straight away on construction jobs.

The problem was that each employee and applicant required a certificate. And those certificates took a minute or more each to enter into the system. 

The huge amount of data that the team worked with made this unfeasible.

Cybalink Solutions helped the client to create an offshore team that could handle this data entry effectively.

That team hasn’t only reduced certificate entry time down to 20 seconds. They’ve also enabled the onshore team to focus on more valuable tasks.

Your new team members can also handle the following data-related tasks:

  • Specific database management
  • Management of client documentation and submissions
  • Contract documentation formatting
  • Document Control in a variety of systems and databases

Administration Support

Every business has crucial administrative tasks that take up a lot of time and effort. This can create overheads, especially in larger companies.

Plus, these tasks pull your focus away from the clients that you support.

Cybalink can help you to build a remote administrative team to handle these back-office issues. We can help you to find:

  • Contract Administrators
  • Admin Assistants
  • Document Controllers
  • ... And so much more

And they take care of tasks including:

  • Handling general site administration
  • Formatting documents
  • Data entry into your client databases
  • Roster and travel management
  • Data entry for job orders, customer information, and training certificates
  • Appointment booking & scheduling

Cybalink can help you to find
the right remote staff solution for your business.