We select leading professionals in the country to exceed your business requirements.  Our Engineers hold the relevant degree qualifications and skills you require to meet your business needs.  Whether you are looking for Planners, Graduate Engineers, Estimators, Design Engineers, Modelling/Detailers and/or Quantity Surveyors with our extensive in-house Engineering and Construction knowledge we understand your business.

Administration Support

It is integral in every organisation to have well-organized specialists who are responsible in conducting daily administrative activities and who are depended on for all business operations to run smoothly and efficiently.  We  hire Document Controllers, Contract Administrators, Administration Assistants and other Administration support staff to meet your needs.

Human Resource Management

It is essential in every organization to put up a strong foundation of a team of professionals who are gifted in taking care of your people and your business. Our roster of efficient experts is ready to lend a hand.


We understand that each business is unique and requires different criteria of skill-sets. Our Talent Acquisition team can effectively deliver, maintaining target rates and dates that are essential to your needs.

Data Entry & Processing

We have dedicated experts who are well-experienced in all facets of Data Processing. They are highly-adaptable and can quickly acquire program modification and instructions based on your business requirements.

Finance & Accounting

We only have the best and experienced licensed professionals whose diligence and precision in the field of managing finances in all aspects are unwavering.

Customer Service

Your specialists will not only guarantee customer satisfaction and retention, they will also ensure upsell and cross-sell your other business services and products.

Lead Generation

This crucial role initiates consumer awareness and interest in your business. They draw attention to where your selling point is and they ensure your marketing goals are materialized. Our team of experts is committed to exceed your expectations.

Telesales & Marketing

Sales is the heartbeat of any business and we have the suitable veterans who are passionate about reaching all your marketing goals.

IT Technical Support

This substantial resource allows all companies to troubleshoot their equipment concerns and monitor their technological phases to ensure that daily business operations are up-to-date. Our team of experts can resolve all issues while only a click away.