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AUS Toll Free +1300 852 968

Here’s a bit about us..

The Journey

After 16 years working in the Mining, Engineering and Construction industries Cybalink co-founder – Kim Lombardi was frustrated that nobody was offering specialised solutions to her industry. Most were BPO’s offering “everything to everybody” a jack of all trades approach and a master of none. 

Kim wanted to build something from the ground up, providing a service that looked at each organisation individually, seeing first hand their uniqueness, going through their systems and work flow processes to understand the type of specialist skills an organisation may need. 

  • With Cybalink you get a global business, with access to specialists who understand the challenges of your industry. You gain access to a support team that immerses themselves in your culture as well as providing insights into theirs. A team that understands every business has its own specific requirements, not trying to apply a one size fits all model.
  • At Cybalink we focus on creating long term partnerships. We learn as much about you as possible to ensure we find the offshoring solution that suits your needs best. 

Then, we deliver results that reduce overheads, increase capacity, and save your onshore team valuable time. All because we live by our values..

Outsourcing Excellence
We deliver
We empower & enable
We create partnerships
Community Spirit
We believe in something more


You see, this is what we stand for...

We are Cybalink Solutions, and we believe we will make a massive difference.

We believe our solutions contribute to a greater cause because we truly take care of each other, our clients and the community.

We believe in access to better resources, record recruitment turnaround, working with personable people and making an impact.

Our culture sets us apart from others, as we believe in providing team members & their families the best environment to thrive.

We believe in teamwork, celebrating wins together and giving back by supporting local communities.

We'll give you real life examples that'll show you the proof that our method does in fact work.


We're going to show you processes that are real, why we do what we do, how we differentiate and how we add value to your business.

We believe we can genuinely help you, we will put you at ease and build a relationship with you, as it's important to us that you are successful.

We believe in delivering what we promise, having total transparency and being open about expectations.

We believe in acting with integrity.

And we don't believe in not supporting you along the way.

If that sounds like someone you want to work with,

Businesses Impacted
Local Communities Supported
Team Members Adding Value
Hours of Time Saved

What Cybalink
Does For You

We exist to build long term partnerships through outsourcing excellence.

Cybalink is a global company that helps you to hire skilled, remote engineering and construction staff. 

We provide world-class support, functions, and resources to our clients. Whether you’re an established business or you’re just starting your growth, Cybalink can help.

Here’s just one example of how
Cybalink is saving 70% on overhead costs for one of their Clients:


With its listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange, the client had a successful business. Now, they had to prepare for a continued period of growth.

They came to Cybalink with a simple remit. They needed to hire remote engineering and construction staff in three areas:
They could have found these professionals onshore. But the costs involved were too high. They needed a solution that helped them to cut their overheads while maintaining their existing high standards.
The Cybalink team helped them achieve that and so much more.
The typical overhead for hiring a new estimator for an engineering company stands at $100,000.

Our engineering and construction remote staffing solutions slashed that right down to $30,000. And all told, we reduced the client’s total overheads across all roles by two-thirds.

The delighted client came back to bring on even more remote staff. Since we started working with them, we’ve helped them find 17 people across all three of their remits. In fact, they’ve grown their HR team from one to six people thanks to Cybalink Solutions. 

Helping businesses grow through Streamlining Processes and Staffing Solutions

To see how we can help grow your business…