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Engineering and Construction Outsourcing Team

Engineering and Construction Outsourcing Team

Cybalink Solutions offers a broad range of outsourcing management services including client services and performance management.

The company’s experts can handle daily tasks and high-level management. And they can also help improve your team’s performance. Outsourcing can be a great thing. It can reduce costs and increase a company’s efficiency, for starters. And it has many other benefits besides that. But, it can also be a double-edged sword. Hiring and managing an offshore team can be difficult. Many companies worry that their new team members will not understand their roles. And they may also wonder if they have the tools for the job. Not only that, cultural and language barriers can diminish the team’s performance. If the outsourced team members don’t understand their tasks, it will likely lead to unsatisfactory results. Without on-site management, some business owners are afraid that it might slow things down. And this can lead to missed deadlines and requirements. However, all of that only happens if you go with an incompetent outsourcing provider. With Cybalink Solutions, it’s a different story. That’s because Cybalink takes care of any potential pitfalls of outsourcing, and they have the track record to prove it.

What Do Cybalink Solution’s Client Service Professionals Do?

Cybalink Solutions offers complete outsourcing management services for companies that want to hire in the Philippines. The experienced supervisors are there to handle all hiring and management tasks with excellence. You can trust them with hiring, floor management tasks, and high-level management. The company’s client service and performance supervisors (CSPSs) are highly trained professionals. Armed with extensive knowledge and skill sets, they can help bridge any gap that separates your company’s local and offshore teams. Cybalink’s client service professionals perform a broad range of tasks in their day-to-day work. They manage the teams on the ground, including their performance. And they’re also responsible for KPI (key performance indicator) tracking. In essence, they’re here to take the stress of management off your shoulders.

Your assigned client service and performance supervisor will be in regular contact with you. They’ll spend plenty of time with you in hopes of building a lasting relationship based on trust. That’s because open and honest communication is one of the company’s core values. And it’s a critical trait to look for in any outsourcing provider. Depending on your needs, this kind of communication can be done daily, weekly, or monthly if you so prefer. The supervisors will provide assistance and counsel on all aspects of team management. The experts at Cybalink can also help you define KPIs for tracking and managing the performance of your offshore team. And they can take over setting KPIs in full – if that’s what’s required.

Furthermore, Cybalink also offers management training programs. To kick things off, the company’s CSPS will go over things with you and make sure that you understand the requirements of the position. You can also train your new staff with the help of Cybalink’s experts in outsourcing management services. Optionally, the company can arrange for you to come to the Philippines and instruct your team in person. That can help the team members understand their roles better and make it easier for you to plan future activities. Finally, Cybalink’s experts can help you improve your team’s performance. That’s going to carry over to your company’s performance as a whole.

The Tasks

Let’s go through the tasks that Cybalink’s CSPSs are responsible for:

Managing Team Members on the Ground

Managing an offshore team can be daunting. That’s especially true if you don’t have an on-site manager. In such cases, task scheduling and meeting deadlines can be problematic. As a result, the team might end up delivering the wrong product or performing the wrong task. And there might also exist an unresolved cultural barrier that complicates things even more. That’s where Cybalink’s CSPSs come in. Their on-site management duties include performing daily checks and managing the team in person. For example, they’ll walk the floor several times a day. And they’ll also talk to employees and see if anything can get improved upon. A CSPS will make sure that the team works and delivers as expected. And they’ll also adjust strategies to suit you and your offshore staff.

Setting Up and Managing KPIs

A KPI is a metric that shows how well your company is doing regarding its goals. And you can have high and low-level KPIs. Keep in mind that the former group tracks the overall performance of your company, while the latter tracks individual departments. You can have KPIs for sales, HR, marketing, production, and so on. It’s a good idea to have multiple KPIs to keep better track of how your company is doing. Cybalink’s experts in outsourcing management services can help you define KPIs for your offshore team. If you don’t have any or would rather not create them on your own, the experts can create them for you. After that, the CSPS will track them and your team’s performance.

Assisting in General Performance Management

Performance management relies on manager and worker communication. The goal is to fulfil the company’s goals on time, which can be hard to do when managing an offshore team. If you don’t have on-site management, your offshore team’s performance might waver. But if you opt to hire your team through Cybalink, you can count on thorough performance management. That’s because the company’s CSPSs can help in terms of communication with the team. To begin with, they can make sure that the team knows what you expect from them. They can also get the team’s feedback on tasks, deadlines, and more. Essentially, you’ll get all the info needed for tracking and improving performance through them.

Leveraging Experience to Help with Management across Team

An inexperienced team manager or supervisor won’t be able to unleash their team’s full potential. And that’s especially true with offshoring. Towards this end, Cybalink has plenty of experience in high-level management. The supervisors know all the ins and outs of low-level management. That’s critical for any companies that want to offshore. Cybalink’s client service managers are there to handle all team management tasks, including day-to-day monitoring and high-level management. And for the latter category, it includes performance managing, setting up and managing KPIs, and bridging cultural gaps.

Educating Managers on How to Best Work with Their Offshore Team

If you don’t have experience with offshoring, you may have a hard time managing your overseas employees. Because of this, the results are usually poor performance and task management problems. And any language and cultural differences will only make things harder. For this reason, Cybalink offers management training to help you overcome those problems. A company CSPS will go over everything with you in the first couple of days. This also includes all things related to offshore team management, as learned from Cybalink’s extensive experience. Moreover, Cybalink also hosts workshops for managers who want to expand their knowledge.

Helping You to Refine Your Processes

Some offshore teams may underperform even after years of collaboration. Inefficient management processes are usually to blame here. If you want to improve your team’s results, you’re going to want to improve your processes first. In this regard and more, Cybalink’s experts bring vast experience to the table, benefitting you and your team. For example, a client services supervisor can help you set up drafting requirements. Not only that, they’ll help you save time with other essential tasks too.

Helping You to Set Up Training Programs

One of the most significant pain points in offshoring is the inability to train the offshore personnel in person. Because of that, it may take a lot of time for the new team to learn your company culture and processes. But with Cybalink, you have the opportunity to train your new employees directly. The company can help you organize training programs in outsourcing management services. In particular, you can come to the Philippines and meet your employees and bond with them to form a stable relationship. Your team members will then be able to learn what you need them to learn faster. And the training will also be helpful when you return to Australia and plan for future projects. That’s because your team members will have established a better understanding of what’s needed to be successful in their roles.

Taking All of the Stress of Managing the Team Off Your Shoulders

Managing a remote team is stressful. It takes a lot of time, effort, and planning to overcome professional, cultural, and language differences. And even then, no one can guarantee success. Cybalink’s client service experts can take the stress of managing the team off your plate. That’s because they can help you hire the right people and conduct day-to-day management tasks.

Helping You Build a Better Team

Going with an offshore team is an excellent way to cut costs and expand. But there’s also a list of potential problems, though more commonly has to do with irresponsible offshoring providers. For one, if there’s an unsolved language and cultural barrier, the quality of work might suffer. And without a manager on the floor, performance problems might arise. These would go away, however, if you select an experienced and capable outsourcing provider. At Cybalink, we can help you hire the right professionals in outsourcing management services for your outsourced team in the Philippines. More than that, our client service and performance supervisors will further assist you with team management, including performance tracking and improvement.

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