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Outsourcing in engineering and construction is big in every way—big savings if it’s done right, but big problems if it goes wrong. Offshoring used to be a difficult choice to make. There was always a compromise—lower spend meant less expert knowledge or cultural fit. But Cybalink changes the equation—and makes that choice easy—with a global talent pool who duplicate and extend your culture.

Just like Katrinka Delizo—one of Cybalink’s Recruitment Specialists. “I’m working for one of Australia’s largest mining companies”, says Katrinka. “So getting the cultural fit for recruitment is a specialty—and it’s one I’ve trained for with Cybalink.” Born and raised in Manila, Katrinka worked in recruitment for household names like Uber and Starbucks—developing her knowledge of global standards, processes, and business cultures. At Cybalink she’s leveraging those insights to bridge critical skill gaps for our clients in engineering and construction.

Making hiring choices easy.

Katrinka started her recruitment career while studying for her degree in Business Administration and Human Resources—working as a recruitment coordinator for US franchises. She later landed a full-time role at a BPO centre—dealing with clients in the US, Europe and Australia. It’s where she honed her communication skills—connecting with people from all walks of life, all levels of seniority, and all kinds of expertise. Working with such a diverse range of businesses, she came to appreciate the things they had in common. “In every company—no matter the size or scale—people are the most valuable asset—and they need care and attention.” It makes Katrinka a natural fit at Cybalink—and an asset for our clients. Great recruiting in E&C takes more than industry insight and extensive networks. It takes targeting the experience, skill and personality mix needed for every role.

Making culture easy.

For Katrinka, recruitment isn’t just about listing skills and scanning resumes—it’s finding the right personalities for the company culture. “I value character almost more than skills. Skills can be learned, but character and mindset take too long to change—if that’s even possible,” says Katrinka. At Cybalink, Katrinka focuses on finding the best all-round candidates for her client—sourcing talent that will lower costs and lift performance, but also match on a cultural and social level. She describes the experience working in a new industry as a learning curve—but one where she feels supported to develop and grow. As Katrinka puts it, “Cybalink set the scene for this—they primed me for the industry’s pressure, the scale—and big technology role. Learning is a permanent state.”

Making capacity easy.

Four months into recruitment with one of Australia’s largest mining companies—and Katrinka’s making her presence felt. Katrinka helps maintain the recruitment database—and performs reference checks, interview scheduling, candidate call-outs, medical bookings, and more. “We mobilize the candidates and get them to site fast”, she explains. “It’s a hybrid role—a Virtual Assistant and Recruitment Coordinator rolled into one.” With Katrinka handling the backend duties and admin tasks, the recruitment advisors in Australia are freed up to focus on their primary task—interviewing and screening candidates.

We make offshore easy.

Well into her second quarter working with a major mining client, Katrinka already feels at home in the sector. “I get a sense of belonging, I’m part of the culture. And the Cybalink team is always there to offer support—check-ins, weekly catch ups and workload management.” Katrinka’s readiness to embed herself in the business culture and contribute insights gleaned from her global experience embodies the transformational outsourcing Cybalink offers. When it’s time to scale—growing your capacity while preserving your culture—there’s no one remotely like us.

No-one remotely like us.

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