The Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Customer Support

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Both large and small businesses need to focus on their core business in order to stay competitive. But nowadays there are many peripheral business areas that are also critical for success in the global market. One of these peripheral service areas is customer support. Modern customers have grown to expect a world-class customer service that can be contacted 24/7, and that will handle their request rapidly, professionally, and with courtesy.

While customer support is not the core competency for most companies, it can make the difference between success and failure. So, does that mean you need to invest in hiring a large and expensive customer support team to work at your company? While this is certainly an option, you could also choose to outsource your customer support to an overseas call center specialized in this service. If done correctly, outsourcing customer support will enable you to offer a better support service, at a lower price to your company, while freeing up your team to focus on your core business.

Here we discuss the top 5 reasons to outsource your customer support

  1. Lower cost

  2. Most outsourcing centers for customer support are located in low-income countries, such as India, or the Philippines. Since salaries are lower in these countries, clients also pay a lower rate for these services. Another reason why you can save money by outsourcing customer support is that many providers allow you to pay just for the hours that are actually worked. So, during periods of low activity, not requiring much customer support, you can scale down the service to suit your needs, instead of having to pay continuous full-time salaries. While some business owners are concerned about the quality of English spoken by outsourcers, this is not an issue if you choose the right location for your outsourcing. The Philippines, for example, boasts a very high quality of English language skills.

  3. Access to highly trained experts

  4. Offshore call centers specialize in customer support and invest a lot of resources in training their agents to be the best in the world. So you’ll get immediate access to specialists who focus on improving their customer support skills day in, day out. Clearly, you can benefit a lot from the skills and experience offered by a good call center, since they can tell you what the best practices are in customer support, and what usually works well in your Industry, and what doesn’t.

  5. No need to recruit your own specialists

  6. Recruiting the top talent in an area that is not your core competency can be a huge hassle, and will cost you a lot of valuable time and resources. In fact, you might have to hire a recruiting team first, to take the job of your hands. Call centers, on the other hand, specialize in recruiting the best and brightest in their area of expertise. They know exactly how to attract the best candidates, and what to look for in an interview. So, when you make the decision to hire remote customer support agents, you take advantage of the recruitment skills of your outsourcing partner, which saves your company all the costs associated with the recruitment process. Also, if you need to scale your customer support service rapidly, to keep pace with the growth of your business, call centers usually have means to ramp up their services quickly, while it’s much harder for you to hire at scale on-site.

  7. Access to top-notch technology

  8. Most call centers continuously invest in the latest communication technology to support the work of their agents. This includes advanced VoIP tools, data recording and analysis software, and constant access to multiple communication channels, including live chat, voice, SMS text messaging, etc. Some of these tools are too expensive for small- to mid-sized businesses, as well as for startups. However, by hiring a remote customer support team, you’ll get instant access to the benefits offered by the latest technology.

  9. Access to 24/7 Customer Support

  10. If your business is active in several time zones across the globe, you’ll need a customer support service that is available at the same hours when your clients are active. Some companies even choose to offer a 24/7 support service on their platform or website. If you hire local customer support staff for this, the cost is prohibitive, since you’ll need to hire 3 full-time shifts to cover all hours of the day. However, most outsourcing centers offer 24/7 availability of their staff. Since they work with clients in many different time zones, they already have work shifts to cover all those time zones. So you can easily expand your support to include any hours of the day that you might need.


Taken together, the points discussed above show that outsourcing of customer support offers a huge cost-benefit, especially for startups and small companies operating on a smaller budget. By hiring remote specialists, they can get instant access to world-class support services at a lower price.

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