Proper Numbers: Designing an Engineering and Outsourcing Calculator (That Actually Works)

Offshoring in the engineering and construction industry can be a big decision—so getting the right numbers is crucial.

That’s why Cybalink worked hard to develop an outsourcing calculator that does more than spit out simple savings—it draws on contextual information to make those savings reliable and context-driven.

John Rodgers, Cybalink Co-Founder and Outsourcing Specialist knows from experience that getting the numbers right matters. “Our clients want to know that the numbers are real, not just cheap. That’s why our industry trusts us, we give you the no-fluff information”.

John developed Cybalink’s cost calculator to deliver the insider knowledge, accuracy, and information you need to make the right choice with outsourcing—and never have to just guess.

Along the way he met some real challenges.

Factoring in the Human

How can a calculator factor in the human element? Staff are more than just a job title. Behind every title is a human being bringing their skills, experience, and passion to the job. Cybalink’s cost calculator takes the human element into account—with the cost of employee support programs factored in. 

Cybalink’s family-oriented approach means monthly programs like competitions and awards, training, and health and holiday benefits are all included. 

Staff who feel engaged, excited, and supported at work tend to stick around and put in their best work. With programs and support for happy and fulfilled workers included in Cybalink’s cost calculator, you get minimal turnover and maximum performance—and avoid the hidden costs that other outsourcing calculators artificially exclude. 

Capturing Industry Specifics

There’s nothing like first-hand experience. Cybalink’s cost calculator is created from years of global experience in the engineering and construction industry—John designed it with industry insiders with real understanding of the discipline.

“Our cost calculator is an in-depth analysis tool—it doesn’t just provide a surface-level comparison”, says John. The cost assessment includes an understanding of what skills go into each level of seniority and what the job actually entails— including the level of technical capability expected of home country staff, like literacy in BIM and other engineering software.  

The cost calculator also accounts for global trends in engineering and construction employment—like how pay rates change from country to country—so you get a comparison of costs that flows across borders.

Dial Up Cost Savings

Once the ‘x-factors’ are built into a calculator, cost saving becomes the foundational piece purpose. Of course cost reductions are at the heart of offshoring, and its role super-charges growth and capacity. Saving on costs means more than being competitive—it means winning more work, and scaling at will.

So when John first saw the real savings coming out of the calculator, he had to double-take. “We’re so focused on accuracy that when the numbers started coming back for the cost savings of our outsourced engineers, we actually re-did the calculation three times—the savings were reaching up to 70%—so huge that we didn’t believe it could be correct the first time!”, John recalls. 

We Make That Choice Easy

When you’ve got all the right information in front of you, making decisions is easy. Cybalink’s cost calculator is designed to help make the case for outsourcing and to measure post-outsourcing ROI. It’s a human-centred, accuracy-focused tool built from years of industry experience. 

Big savings amplify into serious margins—so when it’s time to scale on demand, Cybalink likes to make that choice easy.

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