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The BPO Industry started as a sunrise industry —and it’s growing and expanding!

The BPO industry in the Philippines started when the first contact center was established in 1992. Since then, it went through significant developments and several changes including laws to give incentives and tax exemptions to BPO firms operating in the country. Despite the country’s sluggish economy caused by the pandemic in 2020, the BPO industry prospered, growing its revenue to US$ 29 billion and adding more 160,000 jobs this year alone.

Analysts are expecting continued growth as things go back to normal. BPO firms have shown that they were agile to adopt new work models, invest in their digital infrastructure, and accelerate talent development in their workforce. These are some of the factors why the BPO industry remains as one of the most robust industries in the country. “The Philippines offers a highly skilled and well-educated workforce at a very competitive price-point.  Engineering and Construction companies’ priorities are to always ensure that their projects are cost-efficient, and at the same time leveled to their standards of quality,” says Dan Dava, the Senior Client Services and Performance Supervisor of Cybalink Solutions, an outsourcing BPO company for engineering and construction (E&C) services.

Engaging E&C Services

Outsourcing is typically leaning towards manufacturing or services such as customer contact and payroll, however, in recent years, it is becoming more common to outsource other specialized areas such as construction and engineering. Businesses all around the world are turning to outsourcing providers in countries like India and the Philippines to cut costs and gain access to local talent and technology. In a 2022 report, Deloitte forecasted the engineering and construction industry growth to increase despite the recession last year due to the pandemic.

When engineering and construction companies encounter difficulty in implementing large projects, their solution is to outsource projects. Some E&C companies outsource as a potential resource for different functions. Companies know outsourcing as a solution for different challenges. “Our Managing Director Kim Lombardi was at the forefront of seeing the strong potential of the Philippine workforce.  Having had 20 years of hands-on experience in recruitment work and in the E&C industry, she was able to see work gaps that can be filled and performed well by the workforce in the Philippines.  Being observant and identifying room for improvement is one thing but being innovative coupled by willful execution is another.” Dan Dava said.

However, there are few companies that understand the power of outsourcing E&C services. They have engineers who are remote staff working off-hours. When the onsite team members are off duty, their counterparts are hard at work. As a result of working almost round-the-clock, it provides better efficiency and productivity to these companies. They, then, can hit their targets and objectives earlier and more efficiently than expected. These changes in the workforce changed not only the traditional company landscape but also how companies used to handle everything internally. They now see that outsourcing solutions are the new norm.

The Competitive Advantage of Cybalink Solutions

What can you expect from an outsourcing solution? There are many outsourcing companies to choose from. However, outsourcing in the construction industry and engineering sector requires specialised attention. Dan said about the unique factor of Cybalink Solutions, “As our managing director coined it, “We’re absolutely in it together with our clients”. At Cybalink, we treat our clients’ business as ours, always making sure that we are setting everyone up for success.  We value quality like no other, as we know that small mistakes can amplify to huge cost impacts.  At the end of the day, we ensure the best effort in our deliverables and our skillsets are maximized to achieve the best result possible.”

In fact, the talent being hired at Cybalink Solutions are degree-qualified industry specialists—professionals in high demand. We think engineering and construction deserves better, so we employ the best practices. We even conduct in-house Engineering Technical Assessments to ensure the skills are up-to-date in modelling, estimating, or software development. We know what the client needs. We also provide health benefits and leaves to our hires. We treat our team members as family.

Our engineering and construction focus means we’re not trying to please everyone—and because we’ve worked onsite in EPC first-hand, we know the nuances of culture. From the ‘in it together’ aspect of delivering massive infrastructure projects to the ‘absolute deadline’ dimension of how the smallest part in EPC affects the whole—we live and breathe EPC. Dan mentioned client relationships with Cybalink Solutions are crucial in maintaining the company’s reputation and achieving success.

“Our clients have been consistent when it comes to how they see Cybalink.   For them, we make things possible – by ensuring the best workforce is provided; profitable – minimize costs plus offshore efficiency; and we make culture work – by bringing in global talent that brings in an array of different perspectives.”

What’s Next?

The engineering and construction industry are highly technical with very strict requirements. It is very specific and detailed and has no room for error in delivering tasks and performance. That is why E&C firms choose outsourcing partners that not only have years of experience in the industry but also capabilities and expertise.

“We thrive in consistency.  With our aim to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your business, we commit to bridge the critical gaps and dial up performance as we provide you with a global talent pool.  “For sure you would never look for another as there is no one remotely like us,” Dan said about the outsourcing solution Cybalink Solutions has to offer.

“And there’s no-one remotely like us.”

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