Top Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Outsource Your Engineering Team

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Outsourcing has been around for many years now…

Helping companies reduce and control operating costs, access a world-class workforce, and increase flexibility as well as free up internal resources, mostly, for managerial positions. Still, not all companies are open to outsourcing services. It’s understandable for companies, especially engineering companies, to have concerns about outsourcing because any business decision carries with it a certain amount of risk. But a lot of engineering firms around the world today are increasingly turning to outsourcing to get a leg up on the competition. This article outlines a few reasons why it’s a good idea to outsource your engineering team.

Reduced Costs

We’ve touched on this in the beginning of this blog post, and it’s really one of the simplest reasons why engineering companies should consider outsourcing: the reduced overhead costs are too much a benefit to ignore. For example tapping, say, an experienced design engineer from a country with lower hourly rates can reduce costs by as much as 30 to 50%. Through outsourcing, engineering firms are able to drastically cut labor costs, and this saved revenue is better injected back into the company’s core business functions.

A World-Class Workforce

Reduced cost does not mean sacrificing quality of work, however. The reason why outsourcing and offshoring has grown throughout the years is because of the readily available resource pool that can provide proven results. The same can be said for engineering services: nowadays an engineering firm that decides to outsource can readily access a team of skilled and experienced engineers. Not only that, these engineers themselves have the latest engineering software, tools, and technologies at their disposal to help provide even more quality work. A skilled and experienced talent pool with access to cutting-edge technology, necessary technology that the client company need not invest money in? It’s a win-win situation for any engineering firm looking for top-notch engineering services.

Readily Available Engineers That Might Not Be Otherwise Available in the Local Market

This is in direct connection with point number 2. A lot of companies are increasingly looking into outsourcing to fill in the need for specialists—and in the case of engineering firms, certain engineering positions that might not be otherwise available in the local market (or, if said positions are indeed available, they are quite rare or the specific individual’s asking price is too high). And coming across such resources in the short term (or even the long-term) can be very challenging—in fact, it can be costly or even impossible. Also, for specific engineering projects that may only require a limited time, employing specialists or engineers for the longer term is far from efficient. Of course, the company will still need to carefully evaluate and choose the engineers well to ensure that these individuals are qualified for a certain job, but the process is relatively easy and, more importantly, cost-effective—certainly easier and less expensive than recruiting locally. Indeed, the lack of specialists with rare, specific, or in-demand skills and experience in the local labor market is certainly a real challenge that outsourcing can readily address.

Timely Results

An engineering company might have an urgent need to accelerate delivery to clients, and outsourcing engineering services can assure a quick turnaround time. Of course, this also hinges on tapping the right engineering personnel, which is why an agile, flexible, and dependable resource pool is of utmost importance. Once a team of skilled and experienced engineers is on call and ready, however, engineering firms will be surprised how deadlines are easily met—not to mention, the ease by which suitable strategies are implemented and projects are completed. Proper back and forth, however, between both parties—the company and the employees—is vital to avoid miscommunication over deliverables/expectations.


For an engineering firm looking for a flexible and easily scalable team of engineers, outsourcing is its best bet. Only outsourcing can give a company the flexibility that it needs to leverage resources as needed, helping it avoid spending or investing in permanent resources. Imagine this: you only engage in custom skills, depending on the need, and invest only in those resources that a particular project or certain client will require. The best thing is, engineering firms need not imagine anymore—with outsourcing, this kind of increased flexibility is now a reality.


Increased focus is often an overlooked advantage of outsourcing but which is also one of its most important benefits. This is especially true for engineering firms. Dedicated engineers for specialized projects who can focus on the task at hand are certainly a huge asset for companies looking for quality services; it’s also a bonus that these dedicated engineers are actually trained and experienced. An added advantage of this increased focus is easier project management, freeing up more resources, which an engineering firm can leverage to its advantage by taking up more projects and thereby expanding the customer base.

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