A World of Talent: One Estimator’s Journey in Outsourcing

Quantity Surveyor of Cybalink Solutions

Sharlene Arquillo of Cybalink Solutions

Estimating for engineering and construction tenders can be tough. Moving parts include structural plans, architectural plans, and inputs from designers and architects. One small error quickly amplifies into big issues for major projects. Success rides on the experience behind the estimating. Companies can lift performance, price accurately and win competitive bids—but only with the right estimating talent. Cybalink Solution’s remote, global talent pool provides just that, like Sharlene Arquillo, quantity surveyor and estimator. After graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering in the Philippines and completing an international licensure, Sharlene gained in-house experience at large construction companies before joining Cybalink Solutions. “My degree focused on global applications and standards”, Sharlene explains. “Even pre-college we’re focused on working internationally.” Now she’s bringing that experience to bear for her client—producing bills of quantities to help win tenders at a large construction firm in New South Wales.

No one remotely as detailed.

Engineering and construction plans are collaborative documents—with notes and contributions from a range of stakeholders. It’s easy for errors or omissions to be overlooked. Sharlene provides an extra layer of quality control—checking between different plans to spot any ambiguities. While it’s her first placement with an Australian firm, her international experience is very relevant. “US, Canadian and Australian projects are quite similar,” Sharlene comments, “There are terminology changes but the drawing and measurement conventions are consistent.” She’s at home with industry-standard software—using Cubit to create and edit bills of quantities and measure against original plans “It’s the best software I’ve used for quantity surveying—and it plugs into what clients are using very well,” she explains. For earthworks and excavation, she uses Mudshark to model contours and elevations in 3D—bringing each aspect of the project to life for her client.

No one remotely as efficient.

With multiple projects running in parallel—and very tight deadlines—there’s little room for compromise in engineering and construction tendering. Sharlene finds that challenge fulfilling—calling on her experience at global construction and engineering firms. “I learned to be efficient, proactive and to work under pressure”, she says, “I’m confident working with a variety of plans, standards, and software for estimating.” At her current client, Sharlene’s expertise has already delivered results—having helped win a major tender for a multi-school construction project.

No one remotely as proactive.

Sharlene worked for two years in global companies before joining Cybalink Solutions and has found the Australian business culture a little different. The training she received helped her settle in—with initial sessions on cultural context followed by more focused client-led training. “I’m learning to be less formal with Australian clients. You’re encouraged to speak up, and to be proactive in finding problems,” explains Sharlene. A key part of Sharlene’s role is identifying any issues in project plans—and alerting her clients in advance if anything’s not right. She has the experience to keep a check on standards—even if they’re not included in the plans—and the skills to neutralise any oversights before they impact the project.

No one remotely as supportive.

Working in a fast-paced and high pressure environment, it’s important to know that you’re not on your own. Sharlene values the strong culture of support and focus on relationship building she’s found at Cybalink. “I love being exposed to different projects and people”, she explains, “Cybalink is different to other outsourcing companies— you’re encouraged to get the work done but to also look after your wellbeing. Before the pandemic, she took the opportunity to vacation in Japan to refresh and recharge before starting a new project—an experience she describes as a personal highlight.

Sharlene offers a winning combination of internationally recognised qualifications, global experience and an extensive skill set—typical of the talent you’ll find at Cybalink Solutions. When big opportunities arrive, when big margins beckon, when big decisions are being made—having access to experts like Sharlene will make a vital contribution to your success. When it’s time to scale on demand—that’s when we’d like you to call us.

No-one remotely like us.

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