Big Choices Made Easy: Navigating the Complexities of E&C Recruitment

Engineer Overseeing Project

Engineering and Construction Outsourcing

The engineering and construction industry is big in every way. Big decisions, big projects, big money—and even bigger risks. With all that scale comes complexity—especially when it comes to recruitment. Complexity itself is OK—but when your business, your project and your culture are poorly understood by a recruiter—complexity can become failure. With the scale of E&C projects, any failure means epic failure—and huge damage to your reputation, margins and opportunities. Choosing a recruiter who truly understands the complexities of E&C is critical to success.

Real-world experience

There’s nothing like real-world experience. E&C means filling hundreds of diverse positions, maintaining massive budgets, and hitting very sharp deadlines. Most recruiters miss the dynamic, interacting factors of real E&C where small decisions amplify into big mistakes—and can devastate a project. Cybalink’s unique because we’re recruiters who’ve been there. With real world experience and industry knowledge, we understand the nuance of E&C first-hand. We see them as opportunities for great recruitment. So we can dial up those opportunities—and dial down those risks. It’s how Cybalink makes that choice easy—it’s what gives us the outsourcing edge.

Making clients partners 

When hiring for your next big project, you want a recruiter that acts as a partner working for your success.  Becoming your partner requires understanding your business from the inside out.  Too many recruiters don’t put in the time and effort to get to know your business. They miss the full picture of the experiential, technical and cultural requirements of positions. They’re focused on filling seats—not filling roles. But at Cybalink, we mix a partnership approach with intuitive E&C insight to get full visibility on your needs—sometimes even before you have it. We effectively become your internal recruitment team, fully understanding your business during onboarding. No matter the position, we research the inward dimensions of a role to understand it way beyond the dot points.

Global talent pool 

It’s a big world out there. The Philippines market offers access to a population of 108M people—and growing fast. Manila alone has a population equal to the whole of Australia—some of them with serious international experience in E&C. The talent is there—but knowing how to access and leverage it takes a special approach. We’ve spent years on the ground nurturing a run of human resources, to data entry people and architects, and more. Our candidates are rigorously vetted through innovative recruitment processes—and bulletproof testing measures—all designed to make sure your hire is the best hire. So we hand you the keys to a curated global talent pool. Our pre-qualified talent is ready to go—whenever you need to scale on demand.

Next level recruitment

More than 90% of Filipino engineers have worked overseas. They’re adaptable, highly skilled, and globally experienced. They’ve been exposed to large-scale, international projects unseen on the CV’s of most Western engineers.

Careful with culture

Culture is potent—it can block or catalyse project success. We’ve learnt that culture and integration are crucial in great E&C outsourcing. We get to know your culture—and help harness it for success. After skills audits we choose candidates for their ability to become a part of your team and fit closely to your company culture.  We offer candidates and hires who are such a great culture fit that your customers will assume they’re local.

BONUS—hires will offer perspectives and methods from global contexts—major projects all over the world.

We make that choice easy.

In E&C projects, even the smallest roles have big impacts. It pays to choose recruitment based on real experience. It pays to choose recruitment that makes you a partner. It pays to choose recruitment that curates global talent, filters it, and supports it to duplicate and extend your E&C culture. Cybalink makes that choice easy.

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