It’s Called ‘Global Talent’: Meet the Outsourced Architect, Elwyn Luga.

Engineering and construction is a big world—and it’s growing more connected every day.

Outsourcing in engineering and construction is growing fast—but too many people are stuck in the past about the real potential of outsourcing—and the real global talent that’s out there.

It’s not call centers and customer service—with Cybalink it’s a remote, global talent pool that can lower costs and lift performance with serious international experience. 

Meet Elwyn Luga,—Senior Revit Architect of with Cybalink.

Elwyn has over 15 years international experience, working with Australian, Canadian and US companies on some of the most iconic and unique projects around the world—from SM Mall of Asia in the Philippines, to the palace of Sheikh Hamdan in Dubai.

Having chosen to come home to the Philippines and work for Cybalink—which means working remotely for clients globally—Elwyn knows it’s the right time to take advantage of global outsourcing.

No-One Remotely as Adaptable

Elwyn’s originally from Manila, Philippines, and has spent years working in the UAE and Qatar for local and international construction companies. 

He talks about the impact of his global career on his approach to working as an outsourced architect: 

“I’ve worked with people from all over. From India to Egypt and Jordan, from America to Canada—each person brings their culture to the workplace. When you work with so many different people, you learn to adapt.”

Elwyn’s experiences took him from junior to senior roles—from outsourcing talent for projects with the Arab Engineering Bureau, to himself becoming the talent—outsourced by Cybalink.

Adapting to different engineering and construction practices makes Elwyn the globally-minded and highly valued team member he is today.  Global experience helps him understand and extend a company’s culture—a platform of Cybalink’s service.

No-One Remotely as Skilled

Elwyn left the Philippines in 2005 to find new challenges working in the UAE and Qatar, where he says, “they were working on unique buildings—not just normal buildings—iconic buildings”.

Working for an Australian company in Qatar, he went from Senior Architect, to Head of Architecture department, then shifted firms to become Technical Manager responsible for structural work from MAP to QS.

One of Elwyn’s first professional challenges was getting on top of new technology. He was first introduced to working on BIM—the 3D modeling system for building projects—by a manager who told him it would be the technology for the decades to come. 

Elwyn wasted no time learning to use BIM, and has taken this experience to heart. He’s a big believer in upskilling across new technologies in engineering and construction. 

Elwyn says that “clients have been consistently surprised at how we exceed their expectations”. Cybalink plays an important role in supporting Elwyn’s continued education, helping him extend his knowledge with training and development. 

“Not only do we provide BIM services”, Elwyn remarks, “but clients are always surprised when we’re able to deliver 3D model renderings and work across different disciplines, like mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), instead of just architecture”. 

No-One Remotely as Locally-Minded

After spending years in senior roles at construction companies in the UAE and Qatar, Elwyn returned to the Philippines in 2018 to prioritize a working culture that suits his life.

He was drawn to the family values of Cybalink. He says, “the best thing about working for Cybalink is the people. It’s the friendliest environment I’ve ever experienced. It’s a family-oriented company—you really feel that working here”. 

Elwyn appreciates the work-life balance that Cybalink provides and how his time is valued. 

Cybalink’s family-oriented culture runs right through the company. 

Cybalink staff feel valued, and bring that culture into the companies they work for—that’s why customers often assume they’re local.

Now’s the Time to Access Global Talent

Elwyn knows outsourcing back to front—and know’s there’s never been a better time to outsource. Today’s technology means remote staff can integrate seamlessly into local teams. 

“Before, I was the one doing offshoring, now it’s the opposite. My one piece of advice is to think bigger. With the right outsourcer, you get so much more than lower overheads—you get skills and experience from all corners of the globe”.

Elwyn’s typical of the kind of talent Cybalink attract and retain with their unique approach to outsourcing. When Cybalink say ‘global talent’, they mean it. 

With remote workforce solutions for any engineering and construction project, Cybalink makes the choice of global outsourcing easy.

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