Implementing and Maintaining Culture in an Offshore Team

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Office culture is an integral part of your company identity.

And it can have far-reaching effects on your team’s morale and productivity. Learn how to increase offshore efficiency by maintaining culture. Technology changes the way we work. Advances in technology and the internet make it possible to talk to people on the other side of the world – without ever meeting face to face. While this may be exciting from a social aspect, it poses some professional challenges. How do you work with people you don’t know? How do you manage a team you’ve never met with in person? A lack of established culture may affect offshore efficiency. However, implementing culture may be difficult from the other side of the world. The advancement of technology may make certain aspects of working worlds easier. But it also provides some unique situations as well. Find out how technology changes the way we work and interact with co-workers. Also, learn what to do when you’re faced with the unique challenges these changes bring. Your offshore team may never set foot in your main office. But here are a few techniques to keep your unique culture alive from thousands of miles away.

How Technology Has Changes the Way We Work

Technology allows us to stay connected all the time. Time and distance aren’t factors anymore. But advances in technology do more than keeping us socially connected. It also changes the way the team works. Offshore efficiency improves with the ability to work in the workplace. But it also brings new challenges. Take a look at the biggest changes technology brings to the workplace:

#1 – Keeping Connected

You already know that social media platforms help you stay connected socially. Find out what loved ones are up to with a tap of a button. But these same advancements also keep you connected at work. Decades ago you used to have to call or have face-to-face meetings. Nowadays you can initiate a chat or shoot a co-worker an email. The response time can be nearly instantaneous. Communication happens frequently and more efficiently. This can have a downside, though. It may keep you in front of work when you really need a break. And what do most people do on their breaks? Usually, they pull out their phones and keep going.

#2 – Collaboration

As mentioned before, you used to have to schedule real face time to collaborate. Working with others was oftentimes consuming and slow. Imagine having to wait to see someone face to face. Or trying to reach them on a landline. Things have come a long way since then. Now you can collaborate remotely. And that helps with offshore efficiency for the entire team. You can also choose between real-time and non-real-time interaction. If you want to contact someone immediately, you can chat or video conference. On the other hand, you can also create recorded messages. These types of interactions are great because you aren’t constrained by time zones.

#3 – Keeps Businesses Organised

Technology also helps businesses keep organised. You can use special tools to keep everyone on track. Project management tools can do things like:

  • Delegate
  • Build
  • Assess
  • Review

The managers can supervise activities with ease. And it can help increase offshore efficiency for remote teammates.

#4 – Boosts Productivity

Productivity is a hot topic in most offices. But businesses nowadays can rely on productivity software to help. Managers can track project progress and keep deadlines on track. Additionally, they can offer immediate reinforcement or coaching as needed. Employees can also do certain tasks faster and with more precision. And that can increase the performance level of the team as a whole.

#5 – Keeps Businesses Secure

How does technology help to keep businesses secure? End-to-end hardware and software-based data encryption. This tech only allows authorised parties to read and retrieve data. Some offices also embrace fingerprint and facial recognition features. These features give the office an added level of security in the office and protect sensitive information from malicious hacking attempts.

#6 – Cost Reduction

The ultimate goal of every business is profitability. Innovative tech helps to keep operating costs low and improve profits. Reductions come from installing SaaS tools in the office. These tools automate chore tasks and companies no longer need people to do it for them. In addition, these automated tasks give more accurate results than their human counterparts. And this can decrease overall costs and increase profitability.

#7 – Customisable Business Options

Each business has different needs and tech innovations recognise that. Offices have their own way of doing things. And many software tools cater to that with customisable options.

#8 – Improved Efficiency

Time management can be a hot-button issue in the modern workplace. Poor time management can cause a myriad of problems. And missed deadlines can lead to unhappy clients. Fortunately, technology makes time management issues easier to handle. These tools help optimise daily routines. They can also help employees focus readily on the tasks at hand. Time management tools add offshore efficiency, too. With less time and effort spent on routine daily tasks, they’re free to spend time on developing new ideas.

#9 – Remote Workplaces

Lastly, one of the most obvious changes is the ability to work remotely. Teleconferencing and co-working space change the landscape of the traditional office. You can work from anywhere in the world now. Cloud and mobile technology enable instant access for anyone with an internet connection. This means that the notion of “the workplace” interconnects. The workplace doesn’t necessarily mean one physical location anymore. Some of the technologies that hinge together remote workplaces include:

  • Instant internet connections
  • Portability
  • Virtual conferencing
  • Improved IM systems

This is especially important for teams offshore. Efficiency depends on the click of a mouse now and not a physical location.

How to Implement and Maintain Culture in an Offshore Team

Creating and maintaining culture is important to keep your offshore team engaged. You want them passionate about what they do. And to do that, you need to make sure that they feel like they are part of a team, but still have their own family and personal life balance. Try these ideas to keep your team motivated and office culture alive:

#1 – Build Good Foundations

The first step is the initial one: the relationship. Building a good relationship takes time. But make sure you start off on the right foot. Outline business objectives and clear goals. Doing so helps promote accountability for the project. It can also enable them to align their work ethic and goals with yours.

#2 – Give Them Regular Feedback

There’s nothing worse than silence. Have you ever been in a room where everyone is talking to everyone else? But you’re the only one that isn’t engaged? Engagement is very important. You want your offshore team engaged and focused. And transparent, honest communication is the way to do it. Check in with your team regularly. Give regular feedback and allow them to do the same. Frustration is a two-way street. And it can happen on either side when there’s a lack of communication.

#3 – Foster a Unified Culture

Next, create a culture of belonging. It’s not Us vs. Them. You’re all working towards the same goal. So it’s important to make sure everyone is on board. You want people to align behind the same vision and goals. Don’t let time zones and borders create divides. Ensure that every person on the team feels included and appreciated. One way you can do this is to celebrate special occasions and birthdays. Even if it’s an offshore team member, don’t hesitate to get a video message or e-birthday card out.

#4 – Respect Everyone’s Work Culture

You may have your own work culture that your offshore team needs to integrate into. But take the time to understand your offshore team’s culture, too. Their business ethics and communication style may be different than yours. However, taking the time to understand your entire team can pave the way to instilling your own culture.

#5 – Celebrate Small Victories

Recognising achievements is essential if you want to keep your team motivated. The proverbial pat on the back doesn’t simply recognise a job well done. It can also help when performance reviews roll around. Celebrating victories also helps to create a positive work environment. And employees are more likely to be productive if they work in a place that’s pleasant. Even if it’s a remote workplace.

#6 – Have Fun with the Team

Does distance keep you from socials and weekly lunches? You can still share the fun with your offshore team. Share photos of presentations, parties, and work lunches with the rest of your team.

Great Things Happen with Team Alignment

Technology paves the way for greater strides in the workplace. Increased efficiency, productivity, and security are just a few. Instant communication makes it easier to stay connected like never before. But advancements in technology also comes with some challenges. Working remotely, your team’s offshore efficiency may benefit from technology. And it can also leave them feeling disconnected. Meet these challenges by instilling and maintaining a unified and shared workplace culture. The business world of today is a global stage. Let that reflect in your team’s interactions. Create an environment of learning and sharing. Inclusion and celebrations can keep far away teams motivated. They can also connect the teams closer to home. Lastly, maintaining culture means alignment. Make sure your entire team is on board with your vision and goals. Check in often and offer feedback to maintain that connection and alignment.

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