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We love providing remote staffing solutions to engineering and construction companies.

And our clients love it too!

Unlike many other remote staffing companies, we’re specialists who understand what your business needs to succeed. And we have plenty of happy clients who have achieved remarkable success with us:

Leading ASX-Listed Company

One client is a top ASX-listed company which had used Cybalink Solutions prior to its rebranding. Their remit stayed steady for a long time. But we have now grown it from eight people to 45 outsourcing hires in total. They now have a full offshore engineering team.

All told, outsourcing through Cybalink Solutions saves the client in excess of $3 million per year in overheads.

The San Francisco Innovators

Another client is an innovative company in the San Francisco Bay Area that was enjoying a period of exponential growth. But such fast growth comes with its challenges. The company needed 13 people to provide engineering services. Outsourcing proved to be the perfect solution.

They were so surprised at the quality of candidates we delivered that they asked for more!

Between August and October 2018, we helped the client onboard 30 people in total. That’s a process that would normally take 5 months! This gave the client the capacity to keep up with their fast growth. Plus, they saved time, money, and effort.

Faster Document/Certificate Management Client

This client came to us with a pre-existing team of 7 people. They were part of a recruitment team that had to input high volumes of data about applicants and employees. They needed to enter all of that data into a system to onboard and mobilise the employees and get them ready to go.

The problem was that it took 60 seconds to enter just one certificate in the system. With so much data to deal with, it was causing real issues for a team of seven people. They came to Cybalink Solutions to offshore all of this data entry work. We helped them build a team that pulled the average entry time down to 20 seconds.

Plus, their new remote team has freed up the capacity of the 7 onshore people.

Singapore Stock Exchange SGX-Listed Company

Yet another client is a listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange and they approached Cybalink Solutions with a simple request. They needed three new people – one in Recruitment/HR, one in estimating, and one in doc control. But they had another key issue. They needed to bring these people in while saving as much as possible on their overheads.

Our solutions helped them do just that. Typically, the overhead on hiring an Estimator totals about $100,000. We pulled that down to $30,000. In the end, we helped the client secure 17 new people across their three remits. That includes boosting their HR team from one person to six! And we slashed their total overheads by a third.

The Conflicted Client

And then there’s another client that came to us with a bit of a conflict.

They saw all of the cost benefits that come from outsourcing. But they felt wary of taking advantage of them because they thought they’d have to start making some of their people redundant. As a family-owned business, they wanted to retain the culture they’d built while staying competitive.

We came up with the ideal solution.

Instead of making people redundant, the client only outsources when someone leaves. The client also involves their entire team whenever they decide to outsource a role. The client now has seven people with Cybalink Solutions. And they’ve kept their powerful workplace culture intact.

Here’s the best news..

We can deliver the same amazing results for your construction or engineering company.